We create our products by our own hands, based on original ideas, inspired by vintage and industrial style.

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Our works will give a unique character to any interior, especially to lofts, climate pubs, cafés, restaurants, hotels and shops.

We have been arranging stylish objects for twenty-five years – palaces and industrial interiors. We have built our brand based on the experience gained in Poland, as well as in France and the Benelux countries. We recognize as our success the arrangement of objects such as eg. palaces in Zalesie, Modrze, Wasowo and Szczepowice. Currently we are working on the arrangement of the palace in Konarzewo. Moreover we designed the interior of many restaurants, hotels and pubs, including By GRRS, Hotel Leda, Pub Sami Swoi, Antik, Sioux. In 1999 we bought a ruined manor complex near Poznan, in the charming village of Dakowy Mokre, which after years we have reconstructed generally and it was arranged for climatic hotel with a restaurant. In manor complex there is also historic barn, which serves as an gallery of art and antiques with many collections of paintings. This experience and suggestions of our customers put the idea of creating original projects. The stable was arranged at the manufactory, where our experienced technicians and artists are working on unique projects of lighting. These are not mass products, but created by own hands, based on original ideas, inspired by vintage and industrial style. Each of our proposals is unrepeateble. Our works will give an exceptional character to any interior, in particular to lofts, as well as climate pubs, cafés, restaurants, hotels and shops. However, our imagination knows no boundaries, and vintage and industrial styles can be perfectly adapted to different types of interiors.

Dakowski Dwór

People create place and place creates people


Jarosław Kisiel

Customer Relationships Manager

Klaudyna Turkot


Zuza Brzoskowska

Wykonana przez nas aranżacja oświetlenia galerii “Poddasze” w Pałacu Konarzewo

We are a group of artists and technicians, our lamps are made by hand, based on unique projects. We don’t like mass production, we have an individual approach to each lamp and every customer. Therefore everything is negotiable – nature of cooperation, prices, as well as lamp project. We can make the lamp up to the order, individually adjust the designs and dimensions.

For larger orders we offer professional installation – we have our own team of assembly.

In addition, we offer professional advice and assistance in interior design.

We can deliver lamps through our own transport or the courier company. Also, you can pick them up in person.

For more detailed information, as well as orders, please contact us e-mail and telephone.

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